Child Health (Pediatric) Nursing (CHPN)

Mrs. Krishna Kohli

Mrs. Krishna Kohli
(M.Sc in CHPN)

Associate Professor
HOD Child Health Nursing

About Child Health (Pediatric) Nursing (CHPN)

Pediatric registered nurses (RNs) are nurses who focus on the medical needs and treatment of infants, children and adolescents. Their specialized training allows them to provide young patients and their families with emotional support and medical care. Pediatric nurses are required to complete undergraduate nursing programs and pass national RN licensing exams before practicing.

A pediatric RN assists pediatricians by assessing a patient’s needs and providing initial patient care. They help families deal with a child’s illness or injury and often offer information on nutrition, diet and good health habits. Pediatric RNs may work in a doctor’s office, clinic or outpatient care center, immunization center or hospital. Work hours vary depending on the facility.

Pediatric RNs have many duties. They often document a patient’s symptoms and medical history for the doctor to review. They also draw blood, administer medication and give childhood vaccinations. Pediatric RNs might also assist a pediatrician during a patient examination. Additional duties result from further specialization, such as pediatric oncology, dermatology or cardiology.

Required Education

Diploma, associate’s or bachelor’s degree in registered nursing

Other Requirements

RN licensure: clinical work specializing in pediatric care; voluntary certification by the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board.

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